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Dressme Store

Dressme Store
Do you feel that your clothes are very old? dirty? unclean?, And you are looking for new dresses or suits to show in front of your friends?!
Dressme Store offers you many various dresses, suits, weapons, shields, hats, enchant colors as well as various agathions, and cloaks.

The store also offers you variuos rarity for each type (Common, Less common, Mid grade, High grade, Epic, and Legendary).
but wait... you need to pay well for these dresses. Rumor has it that the suits and agathions in this store are very expensive. :eek: !

Well, While some common dresses require only Blue, Gold, silver coins or Euros. Dressme Store will only sell you the awesome dresses for one thing! :?: Guess what? ah, Exactly, it's Dressme Stars!

How can i obtain Dressme Stars?
Get your team ready, You will need to kill bosses!
Dressme stars can be obtained by killing mini raids (in primeval island), raids and grand bosses.
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