Random Craft


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Random Craft System

Random Craft System
Random Craft allows you exchange your Random Craft Points for various and rare items.

When spending one point, Five possible items with diverse rarities will be selected. when you redeem, The system will choose one item out of the Five selected for you.

When you choose to "Refresh List". New Five possible items will be selectede. One random craft point requierd for refreshing the list.

You can lock up to three items by paying 1000 Euros for each, And refresh the others. After the refresh you will have to redeem! If you choosed to refresh list again, locked items will be gone, And new five items will be selected.

How to get random craft points?
You will randomly get random craft points by killing monsters at hunting zones. You recieve 10% by killing five monsters. So to get one point you will need to kill up to 50 monsters.